Study Skills Support Agency

We offer one to one non-medical helper study skills support, to students in receipt of their disabled students allowance, who have learning difficulties (dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, autism, Asperger syndrome, attention deficit disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, general learning difficulties), to improve their ability to study more effectively and independently.

We appreciate that the experiences of every individual with a learning difference is unique. Therefore, our study skills support is tailored to meet the specific requirements of each student.  We focus on students learning strengths, through a multi-sensory approach. Our overall aim is to provide students with lifelong skills, which can be transferred to the workplace and applied in their everyday lives. Support tutors are not subject specific and support does not include subject tuition, extra English tuition, proofreading or writing assignments for students.

The quality of the study skills support is paramount, and all our support tutors are appropriately trained, qualified, and take part in continued professional development and quality assurance audits. Our team of tutors come from a team of professional backgrounds, including teaching, university lecturing, the police service, the media, IT, law, the arts and local government, (this list is not exhaustive).

The service we offer is flexible and includes evening and weekend support to accommodate all student requirements and ensure they receive the one to one support they are entitled to, irrespective of other commitments.