About Us

The organisation was set up in 1999 to support Dyslexic people, focusing on those who needed practical support and information in an accessible format.

Our charity work has a portfolio range of assisting adults with Dyslexia across the North West. Dyslexia Foundation has charity status which means we are in a specialist position to offer support to people with Dyslexia.

Among our range of services, we offer free Dyslexia screenings and subsidised rates of assessment costs for people in work and education.

We employ professionally qualified staff, the majority of whom have Dyslexia, including tutors, advisors and psychologists. The ethos of the organisation is the ability rather than the disability, empowering adults to look positively to the future.

The organisation has its Head Office in Merseyside and a satellite office in Lancashire. The organisation offers a professional helpline for adults in employment and education, support for employers, and advice, information and guidance. We also offer Screening, Assessment, One-to-One Tuition and Needs Assessments.

We work with individuals, groups and large statutory and vocational organisations from the public, private and voluntary sector offering innovative solutions to adults with Dyslexia. We have also worked with people with learning disabilities such as Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Adhd, ADD and Bi polar.